One Woman’s Quest For The Best

Not long ago I went into my favorite esthetician’s office looking for, well A: a luxurious massage, and B: answers to all my questions about organic cosmetics. This was my first mistake, I guess, thinking that it was going to be that easy. While the professionals there did seem to have a lot of info on the exact brands they carried (which was a grand total of two), they did not know much about the topic in general at all. I left feeling super unsatisfied.

Since then I have been searching online in my quest to find the best in organic skin care. Wading through countless product descriptions and ingredient lists is overwhelming to say the least. I’m sure you have noticed that most labels, organic or not, have words never before heard of, in the average person’s lifetime. So many X’s and Y’s in a single label, I begin to go cross eyed about ten minutes in, every time. Which, I don’t know if you have thought of, is the opposite of what we want here- can’t remember Henry David Thoreau ever writing a novel about “the stunning lady with flecks of chestnut in her crossed eyes.”

What I have uncovered thus far has helped me greatly, and yet at the same time, there are a lot of products and studies to cover. I’ve found myself wishing I had a personal assistant, who possessed all the product knowledge and tips, to get my skin looking and feeling its best. This idea, of personal assistant- a “skin coach” if you will, led me to think of all the celebrities who, I’m assuming, have just that. So my next route is going to be researching the researchers; that’s right, look out celebrity makeup experts and spa specialists. I plan to hunt every last one of them down and learn all their hidden tricks!

If that doesn’t work, maybe my next stop should be beauty school. Last time I went in for a hair appointment, I heard the cosmetology schools are spanning quite the list of specialties these days. From the sound of it, just within beauty school, one could study anywhere from a year to virtually a whole lifetime on the subject of skin care alone. But, I am not really looking forward to that much studying; let’s hope stalking the celebrities’ stylists brings me the answers I need!